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Welcome to Kook Central

Welcome to Kook Central, this is the section of my web site that focuses on the diatribes and screeds of those nutty leftists, naturalists and other oddballs. Although it is nothing personal, there are a lot of people out there espousing very dangerous and errant points of view. This is where we take them to task for their dumb and dangerous doctrines/teachings. Enjoy!

Stupid People doing what Stupid People do on Facebook

"Face Bloat" Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder

YouTube Kooks--A page dedicated to refuting liberal axioms often spewed out on YouTube videos. Like a dog returning to its vomit, these Progressives never learn.

YouTube Kooks Part Two--Different kooks, same nonsense.

Russell Glasser--Another run-of-the-mill atheist who excels in generalized pablum. I've added several comments pertaining to his blog. Part two has been added as well.

Ebon Musings--An avowed atheist (kinda, sorta, maybe a "weak" atheist) who offers some erroneous commentary on: The Katrina disaster, objective morality, the origins of "human consciousness," Jesus' existence, and OT archaeology.

Center for American Regress--focusing on a piece of sophistry attempting to defend John Kerry's Senate voting record, muddle the Iraq WMD issue and disparage Sean Hannity. Apparently they're also economically confused. What else did you expect from liberals?

Mark Isaak--A prominent contributor at Talk Origins who seeks to undermine "creationism." This is a philosophical rant and a bad one at that. His "index" (and subsequent rebuttals) to common creationist claims is highly generalized in several areas but obviously he has put a lot of work into it.

John Stear--The web bloke at No Answers in Genesis, I would highly recommend that you refrain from eating or drinking anything while reading his material.